Nonprofit Notes: Capacity Building is FUNDAMENTAL

The executive directors, who lead and manage nonprofit organizations and represent the nonprofit sector, are faced with challenges and opportunities that impact their organizational growth and development. Challenges range from not enough money to the need to enhance their nonprofit’s organizational capacity. Opportunities oftentimes exist to acquire grants and funding to implement much needed programs that impact the quality of life of people and communities.  However, the ability of executive directors to benefit from grants is routinely contingent on the capacity of the nonprofits they lead. Thus, the need to understand capacity building for nonprofit organizations – CAPACITY BUILDING IS FUNDAMENTAL!  This critical need experienced by nonprofits is why “I help” nonprofit organizations utilize capacity building as a means to enhance day-to-day operations.  Grantmakers have grown to realize, funding programs with low levels of capacity can result in unsuccessful outcomes. Traditional foundations and venture philanthropists have also professed a new commitment to investing in the organizational capacity of the nonprofits that they fund. Within this context, many nonprofit executives and boards are seeking the tools and strategies to chart a future for their organization and community.  If you have started a nonprofit or want to start a nonprofit follow “Nonprofit Notes”, a new source of information found in Black Business Ink!

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