Academic Research and Publications


Capacity Building for Community Engagement (Chapter 6)
Textbook: Lead the Way: Principles and Practices in Community and Civic Engagement
Publisher: Cognella Academic Publishing

Principles and Practices (2019 edition)
Guidebook: Best Practices for North Carolina Nonprofits
Publisher: North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

Academic Research

Dissertation:  An Examination of the Use of Assessing Capacity to Stimulate Capacity Building with Nonprofit Organizations

Faculty and Author-Nonprofit Management Institute: A research-based training and development program, comprised of a nonprofit management framework and a collection of training modules, designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of nonprofit professionals.

Faculty and Member of Design Team-Board Development Academy Curriculum: A research-based training and development program for current and prospective board members, created to enhance their knowledge and skills, related to serving on a board of directors of a nonprofit organization.

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