Strategic Planning

Part One – Preparing to Plan

  • Determine Readiness to do a Strategic Plan

  • Identify Stakeholders that will be Involved

  • Conduct Inventory of Useful Documents

  • Select Facilitator of Strategic Planning Process

Part Two – Conduct a Needs Assessment

  • The Needs Assessment Process

  • Identify and Select Survey Method(s)

  • Collect and Analyze Data

  • Summarize the Results

  • Disseminate the Findings

Part Three – Strategic Planning

  • The Strategic Planning Process

  • Identify Needs

  • Review the Mission, Vision, Beliefs and Values

  • Analyze Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

  • Develop Goals, Outcomes and Action Steps

  • Write and Disseminate the Plan

  • Implement and Monitor the Plan

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