Impact of the Pandemic on Nonprofit Work in our Community from the Perspective of a Nonprofit Advocate

While our community has survived various disastrous situations, no one could have imagined we would be facing such a crisis, like COVID-19.  Many of our local nonprofits are filling the gap by helping those in need and advocating with the vocal and for the voiceless amongst us.  As a result, nonprofits are experiencing a strain on their human and financial capacity by stretching limited resources to do more with less.  Donate to a local nonprofit today!

It is difficult to overcome the surge of fundraising campaigns for good cause during this crisis, because giving to crisis campaigns may take away from funds designated to meet needs identified prior to the crisis. It is also challenging to continue sharing and expressing goodwill and support, in the spirit of the missions our nonprofits represent, in the midst of this pandemic!  Donate to a local nonprofit today!

Nonprofits both in Guilford County and Statewide are resilient! History preserves the stories of how many of our nonprofits not only survive crisis and disaster; but in some cases flourish in the aftermath.  So, how are nonprofits doing this in the wake of this pandemic?  We are collaborating on common responses, we are serving in our community as partners, and we are laying the groundwork for policy change after the crisis subsides.  Donate to a local nonprofit today!

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