Capacity Building Matters, Because Nonprofits Matter!

Many of our great leaders, for civil and human rights, emerged from the nonprofit sector. Nonprofit organizations have been in the forefront of advocacy, during unrest in the United States, for decades. Do these nonprofit acronyms look familiar? – SCLC, YWCA, NAACP, NAN, LWV. To keep these nonprofits viable, all these years; capacity building happens each time board development and training on establishing partnerships and collaboration takes place.  Capacity Building is a concept and ongoing organizational development approach, we use to assist nonprofits with engaging in development work, to enhance its ability to maintain the mission and achieve the vision. Without capacity building, nonprofits would be limited in the ability to establish peaceful partnerships and foster community collaboration, to help coordinate programs and engage in community outreach. Remember “it is better when we do it together”! 

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